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Contact Us is a supplier of molasses and molasses blends. We supply to animal feed manufacturers, farmers and industrial users of molasses. is the online arm of J.E.Morten Ltd a company that has been suppling molasses and molasses blends for more than 25 years. We have a proven track record of suppling quality products delivered where and when the customer needs them. As an independent supplier of molasses we are able to tailor products much more to the customers requirements as it is often the case that a standard product is not what is required


It is important to include sugar in the ration for Cattle. Sugar is used by the animal not only as a feed, but also used as a nutrient source for microbes in the rumen which break down other forage. This increases the rate at which the animal can process feed. This can be very beneficial if optimum performance is required or if the conserved forage is of a low quality.

Adding Nitrogen to Cattle feed in the form of Urea can be a low cost way to improve performance. The rumen is able to convert nitrogen into protein meaning the cattle have plenty of protein available to produce extra milk and/or gain weight 


Sheep benefit greatly from being fed Molasses or a Molasses blend. This is due to the high energy content and the fact that sheep are able to lick the molasses. This a big advantage for older sheep that are missing teeth, giving it a big advantage over solid feed and solid licks. Feeding a molasses blend with minerals added is a very low cost way to reduce twin lamb disease. We have had years of good results from molasses blend 60 with added minerals. This can be fed in a ball lick or directly in a trough or on forage.

Industrial Usage

There are many industrial uses for molasses from the direct production of products such as citric acid to the treatment of effluent or polluted soil.

With many years’ experience of supplying Molasses into industry we are able to offer a flexible approach to any industrial application.

Liquid Fertilisers

Molasses has proven its worth as an additive to liquid fertilisers.  We are able to mix liquid fertiliser to your specific requirements.