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Pregnant Ewes

Ewes require a large increase in total feed intake during pregnancy.  During the last 6weks of pregnancy 70% of the lambs growth takes place this requires the Ewe to take in extra feed to for fill this growth.  Extra feed is required at a time that the Ewes stomach is restricted by the growth of the lamb which reduces the size of the stomach limiting feed intake.

Failing to provide the ewe with this nutrition can have the following consequences thin ewes, twin lamb disease, small weak lambs, and poor supply of colostrum, high lamb losses & poor milk yield

To avoid these potential problems it is important to supply ewes with plenty of good quality forage during the last eight weeks of pregnancy.

Molasses is an idea feed ingredient during this period.  Molasses and Molasses Blends have a high level of metabalisable energy and sugar that is readily digested.  High fibre levels in feed during this period can reduce nutrition intake as they take a long time to digest and can cause good quality solid feed to be passed through the ewe without being digested fully.  The sugar in molasses is digested quickly and also helps to digest other feed leaving the Ewe with the required level of nutrition.   


Spring Grazing

Spring grass can cause staggers to avoid this high magnesium molasses blend can be feed to reduce this problem.  Molasses blends are an extremely efficient way to get magnesium into sheep. 

The Magnesium is mixed in with the molasses blend so is readily available, when the sheep eats the molasses the magnesium is absorbed rapidly.  The sweet taste of molasses makes sure all the sheep will lick at the molasses meaning all will receive the magnesium they require.

Magnesium molasses blends are a low cost way to feed magnesium and can give a big cost saving over traditional bucket licks.

Purchasing Molasses

Small quantities of molasses are available for purchase in a 1000L IBC container.  Listed below are different products all including, 1000L of the product, a container and British Mainland delivery.  Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery.


Products are delivered in a IBC as shown above, lifting equipment that can lift 1.5 tonnes is useful for unloading these containers.  If you do not have lifting equipment we can unload with a tail ift which requires good concrete to use a manual pallet truck on.  To purchase please select the product you want from the drop down menu at the bottom left hand side of the page.  Then press the BuyNow button, this will take you to PayPal to pay for the item.  Once complete the order will be dispatched.  Orders are covered by the PayPal Guarantee.

Product range

Listed below are the 4 main products used in sheep rations, that are available for instant purchase using a credit or debit card below. 

Molasses Blend 60, for use with pregnant ewes, to improve condition.  A general feed for use throughout the year where condition needs improving.  Very sweet so all animals will eat it, very effective at getting low quality forage eaten if pored over the top of it. 1000L Price £400.00

Molasses Blend 60 with Vit + Mins, The same a with Molasses Blend 60 but has added Vitamins and Mineral in case animals don't have access to a source of minerals.  Recommended for pregnant ewes losing condition, we have had many years of good reports about this product. 1000L Price £430.00

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